Suck on that.

I’m Delaware. You might know me as the small awkward girl with glasses in every ’80s movie — the one that gets a one-minute makeover in the bathroom by removing her glasses and ponytail scrunchie, swooping her head down, then up, to reveal she’s actually hot as hell.

That’s right: Joe Biden’s presidency turned me into that girl.

People never cared about me before the 2020 election. If you grew up in me and moved away, you know that people, finding out where you’re from, invariably ask, “Is that in Maryland?” …

I like the squish squish sound it makes

  • Refusing to bring a sweater with me. She was right; it dipped below 67.
  • Choosing my college by its midnight karaoke club.
  • Asking her where the milk was when she came home from a weeklong business trip. I thought she just came home from grabbing milk at the deli. It happens!
  • Telling her National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman inspires me. That made her happy. Then I told her Amanda inspired me to change my major to poetry. That made her cry.
  • Pulling the price tag off my new shirt (it ripped a little). …

Also, that his mom forgot to buy the salted cashews he likes

“I thought Fleetwood Mac was a new band, then my mom started swaying when the intro to Dreams started,” Jaden told his friend Ashley over Discord.

“Weirder was when she kept dicing onions and singing ‘Now, here you go again, you say you want your freedom,’ along with the Sonos,” Jaden continued. “I felt like I was in The Twilight Zone.”

“Oh, ya never heard of The Twilight Zone? You should check it out,” he advised Ashley, while simultaneously browsing deck boxes for his new Zendikar Rising V2 Pro Magic The Gathering deck. “It’s an old-ass show. First season came…

Former presidential candidate and current NYC Mayoral candidate…

Recently, lionhearted (and naturally gorgeous) Olympian Lindsay Vonn shared a no-makeup photo with her 2.1 million Instagram followers. Justifiably the press went nuts with praise for her bravery. She deserves more than words. This kind of courage from a woman over 35 years old, deserves the highest medal in our land!

1. Ms. Vonn, one of the world’s top athletes, winner of over 80 elite medals, also posted an equally dewy, glowing, make-up free photo to her IG account in January. So it’s not a singular act of courage.

2. Jesus lived to the ragged age of 36 and he…

From mandatory hotel isolation, to on-set holding pods, this is what it’s like doing extra work in the age of COVID.

George, wearing a mask and shield, in the holding tent
George, wearing a mask and shield, in the holding tent

Recently, a casting director contacted actor George Pendleton III, offering to pay 3K for a day of background work on the set of the big budget Netflix movie Don’t Look Up, a political satire disaster comedy film shooting around Boston. He was excited for the work, plus the rate was unheard of for that type of work, but there was a Covid catch.

George was used to working on TV and film sets as a union background actor. He’s…

Felicia Scarangello

Likes the funny. Brooklyn Mama. Delaware raised. New to Medium, so be nice. TV prod vet: Bravo, Style, GSN, TLC, MTV, VH-1…

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